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Thousands of our youth are homeless, trying to survive on the streets of Orange County. Build Futures’ mission is to provide a path to a future free from homelessness and poverty for these youth.

  • 28,600+ documented homeless students attend Orange County Public Schools.
  • Homeless youth ages 18 to 24 are the worst hit by the recession and most overlooked by support services.
  • Each night, the majority  of the OC  homeless population has no housing available to them.
Extended youth homelessness is directly related to chronic adult homelessness. Our community needs to give a hand up to these youth and help them build new futures.


Email Kathy (kathy@buildfutures.org) for current needs.



If you’d like to make a difference right now, we’ve put together a list of most needed items.



Build Futures assists youth ages 18 to 24 as they move from surviving on the streets to self-sufficiency through a structured, step-by-step program of intervention grounded in consistency, compassion and one-on-one supportive relationships.

A critical component of our program includes working collaboratively with existing non-profit organizations, community services, faith based organizations, educational institutions and volunteers to close the gap in the service continuum and connect youth with the support they need to become contributing members of our community.

Most kids are in school; homeless kids are struggling to find a safe place to sleep. Help us take them off the streets to safe housing, where they can rest, eat and start a new life. Please donate today. Mail your check to:
Build Futures
19036 Stonehurst Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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