*** Build Futures Gets Guidestar Silver Rating ***

Thousands of our youth are homeless, trying to survive on the streets of Orange County. Build Futures’ mission is to take these kids off the street and provide a path to a future free from homelessness and poverty for these youth.

  • 30,562 documented homeless students attend Orange County Public Schools.
  • 10,085 are high school students, almost doubled in three years, 2,242 will turn 18 this year and be homeless
  • Homeless youth ages 18 to 24 are the worst hit by the recession and most overlooked by support services.
  • Each night, the majority of the OC homeless population has no housing available to them.

Extended youth homelessness is directly related to chronic adult homelessness. Our community needs to give a hand up to these youth and help them become independent contributing members of our community.

Email Kathy (kathy@buildfutures.org) for current needs.

Most kids are in school; homeless kids are struggling to find a safe place to sleep. Help us take them off the streets to safe housing, where they can rest, eat and start a new life. Please donate today. Mail your check to:
Build Futures
19036 Stonehurst Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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