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Over 100

Homeless Youth Housed in 2015

Build Futures provides immediate housing to homeless 18 to 24 year olds in Orange County.

We provide the services, resources, and support they need to obtain and maintain stable employment, and long term independence.

In the last three years, Build Futures has housed over 200 homeless youth. …Read More

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Build Futures shared Upworthy's video.

None of the 233 homeless kids Build Futures helped in 2015 or the over 100 we housed, chose to be homeless. They were running away from abuse (sexual, physical or emotional), forced to leave their home, or part of a homeless family.
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As these hooded figures demonstrate, being homeless isn't a choice for many young people. (via Bellefaire JCB)

2 days ago

"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned." - Peter Marshall #BuildAwareness to #BuildFutures ... See MoreSee Less

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Build Futures shared MamaDear's photo.

So fun to have MamaDear play a fundraiser for Build Futures the night before they opened for Martina McBride in San Diego!
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Such an honor to open for one of our favorite country artists, Martina McBride last night in San Diego, California!

1 week ago

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Youth homelessness in Orange County is exploding like LA and the rest of CA. Build Futures is the only nonprofit taking these 18 to 24 year old kids off the street and housing them within 24 hours. www.BuildFutures.org ... See MoreSee Less

1.8 million kids are homeless in America. An 11:11 Experience and Spare Some Change presents AMERICAN STREET KID Every street has a story. A Film by Michael ...

2 weeks ago

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Susan FerrenGreat organization! Thank you Kathy Tillotson for being there for these young people living on the streets.

2 weeks ago

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  • Provide a 7 day bus pass - $25
  • Provide a cell phone - $50
  • Provide stable housing & bus pass - $150
95 cents of every dollar donated to Build Futures goes directly to serving homeless youth in Orange County.

Your donation will provide safe housing, transportation and job services to help ensure a brighter future for these kids. No donation is too small.