About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to take homeless 18-24 year-olds off the streets and provide them with stable, safe housing and the services, resources and support needed to obtain and maintain employment, self-sufficiency and long-term independence.

Our History

Build Futures began in 2009 when Founder Kathy Tillotson identified a large gap in services and housing options for homeless youth ages 18 to 24 in Orange County. With a longstanding business background, Kathy developed an approach to addressing this need based on compassion and movement away from the streets and toward self-sufficiency.

She created a step-by-step program of intervention that is tailored to each client and includes a supportive mentor relationship with an adult. Kathy’s dedication and hard work earned her Senator Correa’s Women Making a Difference award in 2011 and the National Philanthropy Day recognition in 2013.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to end youth homelessness. We strive to make this a reality by:

  • Never turning away a homeless youth who needs help in Orange County
  • Providing housing and support to create a future free from homelessness and poverty
  • Connecting youth with job services to achieve self sufficiency
  • Engaging youth with dedicated mentors to aid their progress

Treat a child as though they already are the person they are capable of becoming.” – Haim Ginott
For additional information, contact Kathy at (info@buildfutures.org) for current needs or questions.

Build Futures Impacts Lives

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