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Send a check to the following address:

Build Futures
18822 Beach Blvd Suite 211
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Orange County homeless kids are just like all kids – they want someone who cares and to be safe. The facts are that a human trafficker will approach one in three kids within 48 hours of being on the streets.

Laura had no one who loved or protected her and ran away from a life of abuse, neglect and drugs and ended up alone at 18 on the streets. Fortunately, she contacted Build Futures and was housed the same day. Since then she has taken job readiness classes, is working on getting her high school diploma and started a job in a medical clinic which fits with her dream of being a nurse.

Build Futures has taken over 200 homeless youth off the streets in the last three years and provided stable housing, safety, support, basic needs, resources and services to help them enter the workforce and change their lives.

$ .95 of every dollar donated goes directly to client needs.

Build Futures is a 501(C) 3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization (90-0629740)

Where Your Money Goes

  • Subsidize rent short term -
  • Provide basic needs -

There is no housing available for the youth we serve. We provide housing to take these kids off the street, often the same day.

Donations in any denomination for the monthly expenses are greatly needed.


  • 30 Day Pass - $69
  • 10 One-day Passes - $45
  • 1 One-day Pass - $4.50
The Orange County bus system is the only way our youth can get around to jobs, housing and services.

Bus passes can be purchased at Ralphs.


  • Initial phone equipment - $50
  • Monthly phone service - $30
It is important for us to be able to contact our youth to connect with jobs, housing, services and basic needs.

The best means is for them to have a cell phone.


  • Housing and services for 1 month - $540
With the desperate need for housing, we are in need of a group or an individual to hold a fundraising event that would raise money to provide basic needs and emergency housing to our youth.


  • 6 months - $3240
A donation of $ 3,000 will provide housing for 1 youth for six months.

This will allow time to help them become self sufficient by obtaining a job and allow them to enroll in an academic or vocational program.

  • 8X10 Storage Area - $150
An 8’ x 10’ storage area is needed to store donations of non-perishable food and hygiene products for our youth that would be accessible to our volunteers in the Huntington Beach area.

Monthly cost: $150.00.

  • Food Cards - $10-$15
Homeless youth need money for food. We try to have food packs; but, food cards allow the youth to eat a hot meal. We recommend food cards from Subway, Burger King and McDonalds, etc. in increments of $10 to $50.

  • Gift Cards - $20-$100
Homeless youth do not have money for personal items. Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s, etc. cards allow the youth to purchase underwear, socks, personal items, soap, toothpaste and other necessities. We recommend increments of $20 to $100

  • Laptop - $500
New or used laptop computers are needed for school and training sessions for youth and volunteers as well as access to the Internet at retailers that provide free WIFI for job search and school work. Average cost: $500.00.

To provide housing and services for one youth is $500 a month, a youth can be sponsored and rent subsidized with monthly donations in increments of $1,000, $500, $250, $100 or $50 a month.