Build Futures Volunteer Positions

Build Futures is an all volunteer organization which means each volunteer makes a huge impact and contribution to taking these kids off the street to safety and stability. Volunteers help in a wide variety of ways, see how you can help transform a life.

Our volunteer positions can be done by a single individual, two people or in some cases, a group.


[accordion title=”Volunteer Coordinator” active=”yes”]Assume responsibilities of a volunteer coordinator in one or more key functional areas and manage the organization’s volunteer workforce in those areas. These volunteers work closely with the Executive Director. A key element of our sustainability is our volunteers and their relationship to the organization and its mission. As we forge relationships with corporate volunteers, a plan is needed to nurture and sustain the partnership. A volunteer coordinator is needed to oversee the training and placement of youth mentors working collaboratively with the Executive Director.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Assistant to Executive Director” active=”yes|no”]Supports the Executive Director of Build Futures. The ideal candidate should be an enthusiastic team player able to work effectively with both leadership and volunteers. The ideal candidate will have superior verbal and written communication skills, excellent organizational and planning skills, a strong sense of personal integrity, ability to work independently and a sincere desire to help homeless and street kids.
6 – 8 hours per week.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Youth Case Coordinator” active=”yes|no”]This position will work with the Director and leadership to assure all case notes are maintained, aid in tracking the progress of the youth, assure utilization of required resources, and may work directly with the youth for transport or support. They will be responsible for monitoring the youth self-sufficiency plan.
4 to 6 hours per week, travel required.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Community Resources” active=”yes|no”]Help to maintain our current resource database with the most up to date information on resources for the homeless and those living in poverty, located on our website www.BuildFutures.org. Input new and updated resources into the database and maintain the accuracy of resources. Help verify viable resources for the homeless. Work in cooperation with other members of the leadership team to determine the resource needs of the program and help verify viable resources. This may involve obtaining the most recent information on area clinics, shelter, food and other basic services. Candidate should have: strong leadership ability, ability to plan and manage work with minimum direction, excellent organizational and planning skills, a strong sense of personal integrity, and a sincere desire to help homeless youth.
4 to 6 hours/wk.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Fund Development Team” active=”yes|no”]Bring donors in the door. Assist with a donor relations strategy and create a fund development strategy. Organize and implement a fundraiser. Volunteers will lead the effort in the identification of appropriate sources of funding and will help execute strategies to secure needed funding. Specific responsibilities may include: helping with the fundraising plan, execute the fundraising plan, planning and coordinating fundraising events, maintaining a fundraising database in sales force. Funds raised go to the clients, $.95 of every donated dollar goes to client needs. You will need: strong leadership ability, ability to plan and manage work with minimum direction, superior verbal communication skills, excellent organizational and planning skills, a strong sense of personal integrity, and a sincere desire to help Orange County homeless youth.
4 to 6 hours a week.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”WordPress/Website” active=”yes|no”]Volunteer skilled with WordPress to help us with our website. Upgrade the website and enhance the appearance and content including adding multimedia. In this role, the volunteer will assist and have knowledge of the following:

  • WordPress Implementation
  • Installing, configuring, and running WordPress
  • Web Development that includes: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL
  • Possible familiarity with MySQL, and PHP (the underpinnings of WordPress)
  • Familiarity with common WordPress plug-ins: their use, behavior, benefits, and risks
  • Familiarity with the operation of WordPress, including configuration, themes, and security.

2+ years WordPress experience and website experience. Very little travel required.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Social Media, Video, Blogging and the Web” active=”yes|no”]
A key contributor on the public relations / marketing team. Build Futures is seeking dedicated and talented volunteers to help us tell the story on the web about the Orange County homeless kids we take off the street, house and support; using social media, our website, blogs and video. Consult on the social media strategy and take the reins and manage the social media accounts. Can include: enhance website for fundraising and donations, produce a promotional video or public service announcement, create content for social media, and help start an online marketing, social media and Google Adwords campaign.
4 to 6 hours a week. Very little travel needed.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Public Relations/Marketing” active=”yes|no”]
Multiple volunteers are needed in this area. Work closely with traditional press as well as our social media volunteers to increase awareness and educate the public about Build Futures and our mission. Determine the marketing, communication and PR needs of the organization, Specific responsibilities include: define marketing and public relations goals and strategies, help develop a marketing / PR plan, help create a PR campaign, press kit, write a blog and plan a workplace giving program. compose monthly newsletters, write articles, blogs and/or press releases, create marketing collateral such as presentations and brochures, maintain a marketing calendar, coordinate marketing events, evaluate marketing effectiveness and work in the community to create awareness of the problem of homeless youth and the community need Build Futures is meeting.
Experience needed. 4 to 6 hours a week. Some travel required.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Grant Writer” active=”yes|no”]
To fund housing costs and support services for the homeless youth we serve, grants are an important source of funding. Grant writing helps Build Futures acquire the monetary support they need. This is an extremely important position within the organization. The Grant Writer, with our management team, will track and enlarge the current grant timeline and construct proposals tailored to each of the grants to ensure the best chance of being selected for the grant. Will also assist in developing awareness and relationships with funders. Grant writing experience required. The goal will be to research and submit two or more grants a month.
4 to 8 hours per week. Very little travel.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Outreach Sponsor” active=”yes|no”]
This can be comprised of individuals or a group who will help to obtain clothes, hygiene products, food, phone cards, bus passes and other resources that are high priority needs for the program. Contact Targets’, Wal-Mart’s’, etc. managers for gift cards for our organization or youth’s personal items, underwear and socks. Sometimes they will give an organization with a local cause up to a $500 gift certificate. May also, as needed, provide or arrange to be donated 20-30 food or hygiene bags a month.
4 to 6 hours a week. Some travel required.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Video Volunteer” active=”yes|no”]
A key contributor on the public relations/social media / marketing team. Build Futures is seeking one or more dedicated and talented volunteers to help us tell the story about homeless kids in Orange County by developing a video that can be used in public relations, marketing, social media, our website, You Tube and blogs. We have a song that can be used for the video and many video ideas and concepts we wish to implement. We also always need new film volunteers that can be original in their work to help raise awareness about the growing problem of youth homelessness in Orange County.
Qualifications: Video, filming and editing experience. Possible still photography as well.[/accordion][/accordions]

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